OH Faber – the art of leather casing

A chess set in the shape of Napoleon’s tomb. Entirely covered with water buffalo leather, this set is available in limited edition.

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OH Faber – ethical chic

Ethical sourcing of leather, offsetting greenhouse gas emissions, and local production are essential to OH Faber.

Know-how, hands and tools working their magic

Over time, the hand gesture and handling of the tools is perfected. The tools of the trade are many and well loved. The compass, the ruler and the knife to make the cardboard templates; the mallet used with the pricking irons to pierce the leather and prepare for sewing; the hammer ringing on the marble stone as the seam is being flattened; the creasing irons and the beeswax to finish the edges; finally, the awl, the needles, the waxed linen thread and the stitching clamp essential for saddle stitching.

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